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Practice & Experience

We spent enough time in traditional accounting firms and consulting for small businesses to realize that there were flaws in the traditional model. Business is changing and it is about time the accounting industry caught up with that change. We are fully remote and fully digital for three reasons.

First, a big fancy office. A firm with a fancy office  has high overhead that they pass onto their clients. When rent or property taxes go up, clients bills have to go up to maintain margins. Our team is fully remote so we are free to take advantage of geographical arbitrage to keep costs low and hire the best talent we can find to provide amazing service without passing costly overhead onto our clients.

Second, printing. The average firm prints and binds everything they give you and force you to ask for your documents in a digital format. They require you to hand deliver documents, come into sign returns and drive across town for client meetings. This all costs you time and money. We operate in the digital world and provide secure, reliable digital document transmission, e signatures, video client meetings, all with a personalized touch.

Third, busy season. The accounting profession is full of busy seasons. Eighty hour work weeks and late nights on the office lead to burn out and employee dissatisfaction. A dissatisfied employee is an unproductive employee. Dissatisfied employees also leads to more turnover, in a trust based industry like this you want to have a personal relationship with your accountant and if they leave every couple of years that becomes impossible. Our remote team is able to get their work done in the comfort of their private office while still being able to enjoy dinner with friends and family - even in April. Our remote team is happier, healthier, and more productive.

Experienced Advisors

Our entire team is licensed or certified. We trust our team implicitly and believe that you will too. Between us we have seen it all so you always know that whoever performs the work has experience.

Why Us

Concierge Accountants

We are more than a CPA firm. Even if it goes beyond the basics of accounting and financial operations, we can help. Need to figure out how to import a product? We've done it. Need to design and build a web portal that integrates with your accounting software? Done it. Need to sell your business and retire? Done it and so much more.

Practicing Accountants

We are practicing accountants. We are constantly educating ourselves to provide up to date tax advisory and business advisory services. Great innovators and successful people put process and education first. Our team believes that an accountant who relies on old knowledge and isn't trying to learn new things is a bad accountant.

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